Backpack cooler for drinks, fish, picnics, etc.
Protect yo neck! FishingNosara Scarves are made of lightweight, quick drying Dri-Fit material featuring FishingNosara logos on both sides and holes for easy breathing.
Haines Beefy T's, 100% Ring Spun cotton for rugged durability.
The same high quality hats worn by FishingNosara Captains and crews. These adjustable fit caps are made in Costa Rica by Arte y Metal and are truly top-of-the-line. Embroidered logos on the front, sides and back.
Now you can use the same tackle as the FishingNosara team. Sabiki rigs are exception bait getters, and nothing catches big fish like real bait!
Haines Beefy T's, 100% Ring Spun cotton for rugged durability.
Yeti-Style Thermal Cup. Stainless Steel.
Stay Cool Hat - Pink Revolutionary cooling technology from Polar Basics makes this hat get cold...just add water! Velcro back - one size fits all.
Elastic Neoprene Rubber Sunglass Strap fits most eyewear, and is a great line of defense for losing or dropping your Costa Del Mar. Long lasting for many trips to sea.
The Discoverer Project is a first-of-its-kind look behind the scenes of the FishingNosara build team. Join them on the two year process of refurbishing a busted old hull into the next great Costa Rica fishing weapon.
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